Betway Bingo Giveaway – Brief

We are giving users the chance to win prizes as part of a welcome offer, when they enter the Betway Bingo lobby (logged in).
The Prizes will be separated into three tiers:
• Over £2000
• Over £800
• Under £200
The user should have the option to select one prize from each tier.

User Story

As a regular Betway Bingo user, I would like to be encouraged to participate in a Prize survey. Alternatively if I don’t wish to participate, I would like easy access back to the homepage.

Acceptance Criteria

• An ‘Opt out’ option.
• An ‘Opt in later’ option.
• User can select one prize from each tier.
• Choice of 30 prizes, 10 within each tier.
• Responsive for mobile (iPhone and Android)
• Adaptive for desktop resolutions


The modal window can be reduced to icon and reopened. Easy steps to follow to redeem the prizes: the user can also decide to skip this and start playing without accepting our welcome offer by clicking outside the modal or trough the CTA to deposit.