We want to introduce an app that helps you monitoring you fitness activity and not just showing you how to workout. It is difficult to see improvements without using any guidance.


Health & Fitness

Helping the user maintaining a constant training and help beginners

I wanted to challenge myself designing for an app that I couldn’t find on the market, based on my major interest which is fitness.

– I designed an on boarding experience for trainer beginners (for ease of reference we will just call them beginners) to better guide them into practice
– Redesigned the UI of a previous version that I created at the beginning of my career
– Redesigned the concept, stabilising a better flow and information architecture


How are other fitness services?

Accordingly to various sources, the 2017 top fitness apps were AAPTIV, Seconds, Qinetic, Freelitics Bodyweight, Sworkit.
From those I chose to analyse Freelitics and Qinetic. I added the Sweat with Kyla app to my analysis due to its popularity in comparison with the others.

Define User Persona

Using the insights gathered from my user research, I defined the focus of the redesign and the features to be added into Insight Timer based on the persona below.


Name: Alya
Age: 27
Family: Engaged
Location: London
Character: Hard worker but manages to have quite a good amount of free time


Values on a scale of 10

Introvert 8 / Extrovert 2
Thinking 5 / Feeling 5
Proactive 9 / Lazy 1
Judging 6 / Perceiving 4


  • Ability to focus and define movements and technique
  • Improving body strength and shape
  • Monitoring the intensity of the activity and all the related activities


  • Not being able to have full time to dedicate to this discipline
  • Not sure she’s doing correct movements


Alya leads a quiet life but she builds up her stress level because of a recent relocation to her home town after many years abroad. By day, she works full time as a designer but she always finds the time to train (about 5 times a week). By night she watches movies, reads books or works as a freelance.
Eventually she wants to get into interior design, fashion and of course fitness. She wants, one day, to become a fitness instructor and start her own business.
She cares deeply about time management and organizational skills. She enjoys planning things and spending her free time training and cooking.


Incentive: 8
Fear: 5
Growth: 7
Power: 7
Social: 3

Brands and influencer

Nike, Les Mills by Rebook

Preferred Channel

Traditional Ads: 4
Social Media (Instagram is the favourite): 10


Design of the onboarding process for beginners

Work in progress

Say hello to Coach, your Personal Assistant

What was missing to the other apps was an ‘Help’ section.

Motivation is a key element in training and when you don’t have a personal trainer but just yourself and your equipment…that isn’t enough.

That’s why a designed Coach, a virtual personal trainer that is not just a fitness instructor but also a nutritionist, a Health Guru. The user can ask Coach anything that is sport or food related, such as Siri but dedicated to fitness.

Choose a Plan


Depending on your level, you can choose a plan so that you can start working out with method.

Let’s Do It!


Most importantly, the workout page.