This idea has born from the necessity to find mates to share the passion for the mountain with. Sometimes is difficult to find partners to go training with so this app would help connections between them, planning and sharing.

Name: Joseph

Age: 60

Occupation: Interior Designer

Joseph lives in Italy, he loves sports.

He has a big network of friends who loves climbing and he can usually find someone who’s doing something interesting most weeks.

He keeps an eye on new climbing guide releases for interesting areas to go to. These books are great but he doesn’t always find available people to go training with.

His daughter suggested him to start a climbing online blog but he isn’t sure about it.

Goals and other info

Persona: Joseph

Goal: finding people to share his passion with

Info needs: wants to know what’s going on and what his friends are doing

Web experience: not an highly computer literate but has his smartphone always with him. Familiar with apps and good user of social medias like Facebook.

My Scenario

It’s 7pm on a Thursday evening. Joseph knows he will be off from work this weekend and that the weather will be amazing. This week has been very stressful and he really needs to go climbing somewhere.

He’s cooking waiting for his wife to be back from work, he launches Facebook on his iPhone to see if his friends went somewhere already this week (they usually post pictures of their adventures). This time it really looks like most of them already went climbing and no one seem to be online on Messenger.

So it opens this new app his daughter found for him yesterday on the App store and he starts editing his profile and adding content.

After dinner, 4 different people contact him to invite him to their next trekking adventure on the weekend. It looks like he has more than one interesting option ready for Saturday with a chance to get to know some new friends!

User Journey

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